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“We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realise what the truth is." - Pablo Picasso.

The purpose of boudoir photography is to create beautiful, tasteful, intimate but ultimately sensual images of women who may not normally see themselves in that light, for the excitement of their partner.

Welcome to the world of boudoir photography!

A boudoir is a French woman's private dressing room and photographs taken in one would be intimate. A growing number of women want to have a set of intimate photographs of themselves, either as part of their wedding portfolio, as a special present for boyfriends, lovers or husbands, or just because they want a record of themselves looking at their glamorous best.

Boudoir photographs do not necessarily have to be naughty. Discreet pictures can make the model appear to be daring when she isn't. The camera can definitely be made to tell a lie!

Boudoir photography is romantic, sexy and passionate. Boudoir encompasses the beauty behind all things truly feminine - high heels and lipstick combined with your very own inner sex appeal. Although a boudoir shoot can start out clothed it almost always ends up in either lingerie, slightly covered or entirely nude, depending on the wishes of the client. Boudoir photography is an art form that is very different from other forms of photography, and its style - high heels, red lipstick, black stockings and lingerie - is closer to burlesque than glamour.

But you don't have to step out of your comfort zone for your boudoir or glamour photo shoot. Your photo session can be done in whatever attire you prefer, whether it be in the style of a swimsuit catalogue, men's magazine, or gallery of quality, fine art portraits.

Your choices for your finished product can include prints, photobooks, calendars, posters, even block-mounted works of art on canvas, in black-and-white or in colour. It depends whether you want to give something intimate for one special pair of eyes only, or show the world how sexy you are.

Boudoir photography is a great gift for yourself or the significant other person in your life. You don’t have to be a model to do a private boudoir session, and it’s a great excuse to pamper yourself (and buy some exciting new lingerie and fashion items).

No matter your age, size or shape, you are a beautiful woman, because beauty comes from within, and it is a professional photographer's job to bring that natural beauty to the fore! A combination of proper posing, flattering lighting, beautiful makeup, and digital post-processing magic can produce surprisingly spectacular results!

After all, the world's top models and movie stars all get these boosters to help them look their best in magazine photos so why shouldn't you too?

What woman hasn't dreamed of being a beauty queen for a day? You choose how wild or mild you want your photos to be, and be assured that your session and photos will be handled with the utmost in dignity, taste, respect, professionalism, discretion and (above all) safety.

All our boudoir photo sessions are shot with a male and female photographer present throughout.

Women put in huge amounts of effort each day to try and meet society’s expectations of beauty, only to get bogged down by stress and insecurity over failing to fit within that narrowly-defined (and often unhealthy) ideal. Stripping down and showing it all off is a celebratory, powerful, even subversive act — and it’s exhilarating.

And when you see those photos in the days, months and years that follow, it’ll be with a lasting appreciation for your body as the glorious, gorgeous example of creation that it is.

Boudoir photography is a totally vain indulgence… and completely awesome. When it comes to balancing your busy life, you’re always planning to take a day off to do something nice for yourself. Unfortunately a manicure may be as far as you get, and that only lasts as long as it takes your nail polish to chip. A private album of photos which show you at your very best and in your prime - young and healthy, and before gravity and age have taken their toll - is a memory you’ll have forever.

What to expect?

Expect fun! As soon as you decide on the day and time we will have a phone or E-mail consultation to discuss our boudoir photography ideas regarding the theme and mood you're after. We will make suggestions based on your and your partner's interests to make your boudoir session as personal and individual as possible and we will give you a list of the most popular outfits that you may want to bring with you.

You will have either a morning or an afternoon time slot so you can relax and have fun without ever feeling rushed. When you walk in the door, each session begins with our makeover services from a professional hair and make-up artist. Our stylist will help quell those last minute jitters and help you make final decisions regarding accessories and outfits. We will guide you every step of the way, putting you in natural poses and positions that best flatter your body type. We recommend shooting in five to ten different outfits so that you will have a variety of images to choose from for your portraits. You will be posing indoors, in secure, private and comfortable surroundings, with just you and two photographers present. Your partner is most welcome to meet with us in the briefing sessions, but owing to the distraction factor, we cannot work with third parties present.

Regardless of your previous experience in front of the camera, our boudoir photographers will work with your unique figure and suggest poses that will flatter your form in a natural way. Images are all digitally retouched afterwards and airbrushed to ensure a magazine-quality result.

A Few Days Before the Shoot

  1. Get your hair styled or trimmed if necessary
  2. Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure
  3. Choose what you are going to wear - lingerie, shoes, accessories, etc. A mix of different garment styles is a good idea. Don't forget stilettoes, suspenders, stockings, camisoles, etc. Why not bring one of your man's large, white, lounge shirts? Faded, worn-out or torn jeans work well too.
    • If you have bought new things then remove the labels.
    • Make sure everything fits you well - try them on beforehand.
    • If it's not new, make sure it's spotless.
    • Bring a dressing gown for keeping warm between shoots.
  4. Make-up: if you are planning a new look for the shoot, try it out now, so that you will be less stressed on the day and you can discover any products you are missing in time to get more.

A Few Hours Before the Shoot

  1. Have a nice relaxing bubble bath. Pamper yourself and let yourself become the calm, confident goddess you want to see looking back at you from your photos.
  2. Shave anything that needs shaving!
  3. Get dressed in loose-fitting clothes and loose underwear that will not leave elastic marks on your skin, which can take over half an hour to disappear.
  4. Our professional make-up artist will take care of your hair and make-up at the venue and will have you feeling feminine, sexy and confident before your photo session even begins..

Allow a little more time than you think you’ll need for all of this. Don’t let time become a stress factor!


We strongly recommend that you study a posing guide beforehand and practice in front of a mirror. When you know what you should be doing it gives your confidence an enormous boost and you will get into the swing of the session more quickly. The best pictures of you will be those taken when you are feeling relaxed and confident. Just Google boudoir photography posing guide or click here or here.

We know how intimidating it can be to have your photo taken in lingerie or nothing at all so we go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and confident. A female photographer will be present throughout the shoot to guarantee your peace of mind. We will make you look just as sexy in a sweater or sports jersey as we can in a bikini or lace bra so it is not essential for you to be nude to look sexy.


None of the pictures taken during the session will be given to anyone but you. They will not be published anywhere, posted on the Internet nor E-mailed to anyone. We may ask your permission to use a couple of the best pictures to promote our work, but that decision is yours to make and you will select which we may use. We are not just photographers, we are also professionals with a reputation for integrity and a name to live up to.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” - Sophia Loren

A boudoir shoot will be fun and will boost your self-confidence, allowing you to celebrate your own unique, intimate beauty and share it with your chosen recipient.



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